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Swipe to

Go ahead, swipe it

Easy-To-Use Interface

Swipe™ Technology and a high-definition screen display content with vibrant images and graphics on the Discover™ Tablet Console. With a swipe of a finger, navigate seamlessly between crisp, clear screens to choose the entertainment and workouts you want. Experience a more enjoyable workout with an easy-to-use, sleek interface.


Access settings

Personal Identification Technology

Find your favorites with ease when you login to to your LFconnect™ settings on any Discover Tablet Console. Your preferred workouts, websites and display settings instantaneously load so you can get on and go. All you need is a smartphone, PIN, USB drive or RFID* to access personalized content.

LFconnect is a complimentary cloud solution, accessible by websites, apps and the Discover Tablet Console. Facility owners can use one convenient platform for asset management and customization of consoles. Exercisers can choose equipment settings, track workout results and connect with fellow fitness enthusiasts.

Entertainment on demand


Watch on-demand television* and music videos or play games. Tune into a popular sitcom, listen to the hottest music or play solitaire. Thanks to Discover’s Internet connectivity capabilities, you can catch up on the latest news or check your email. The choices are endless.

Exercise smarter

Personal Workout Settings

Customize a training workout on the way to a personal best. Or choose from a selection of preset workouts created by a personal trainer or the facility. Track fitness progress or play a workout game by downloading Life Fitness compatible apps enabled by LFopen™. Discover lets you set the pace.

With LFopen, you can choose the apps and electronics that speak to your exerciser needs and wants. Endless solutions give you the potential to engage in a new, exciting workout every time. Example solutions include:

  • Facility Branded Solutions
  • Nutrition & Tracking
  • Gaming
  • Rewards & Challenges
  • Personal Training

*Check with your sales rep for availability and details.


The world is yours

Lifescape Courses

Welcome to the new definition of world traveler. Run, hike or bike through Lifescape’s interactive outdoor courses. Tour California, France and Germany, to name a few dream destinations. The machine’s incline and resistance change with the terrain as you trek through pristine nature and gorgeous scenery.



Device Compatibility

Discover connects and syncs with Android smartphones and Apple devices. Access your personal library of music, videos, apps and books. Maintain and monitor workout results directly from machine to device with the Life Fitness compatible app of your choice. And with charging capabilities, never worry about low battery life.

Engage with your networks

Social Media

Never miss another tweet or status update again. Update friends, family and workout buddies on your fitness progress on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Connect with friends, personal trainers or groups to motivate and challenge you.


Build your brand

Customized Home Screens

It’s your facility. So share your message. Customize equipment with your facility logo and messaging. Promote incentive programs and facility news. Create unique workouts on LFconnect or take advantage of LFopen to build a facility-branded app or website. Pre-program recommended websites, television channels and workouts for simple selection. It’s technology that puts you in control.



Asset Management

View equipment usage and performance and update software effortlessly with LFconnect. Monitor how often machines are being used to learn peak exercise times. When updates are available, push new software from website to equipment instantly.

  • Choose to update software automatically, at your convenience or by type of equipment.
  • Filter usage and performance reports by time of day, day of week, equipment type or facility location.
  • Create a custom greeting to promote facility news, events, classes or incentives to your members.

Endless Solutions

Open API

We are open. LFopen allows developers and fitness facility owners to access the two APIs - a mobile API for Android and Apple devices and a website API (LFconnect). Developers can use either or both of these APIs to create mobile, website or hardware applications that interact directly with Life Fitness equipment. Utilize data such as average heart rate, calories burned and time, to create engaging workout result based solutions and more. Life Fitness is first in our industry to provide this extensive access, allowing you to take advantage of the infinite ways to build engaging and interactive exercise experience. Be open to a world of possibilities.

Examples of applications
that can be created include:

  • Facility-branded solutions
  • Games
  • Nutrition
  • Personal training
  • Workout tracking

Lose It!

Lose It! provides users with a customized weight loss plan that fits their lives. Features include calorie and workout tracking, peer support and challenge options. The Discover Tablet Console works directly with Lose It! to automatically input and track indoor workout results while users can manually input their outdoor workout information.

Technology is in your control. What will you Discover?